SOPHIE LA GIRAFE - Trio gift set

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Sophie la Girafe in rubber and as a soft cuddle cloth are presented in a pretty gift box. Ideal for best wishes for the birth. The box contains a card in French to write the baby's personal dates of birth and a gift box

This classic has accompanied babies in France for more than 45 years. From birth. Indispensable gift for the birth of our European neighbors. The babies agree they love this giraffe. She is easy to grab and hold thanks to her long neck, long legs and round head. Made from natural rubber and food coloring, it has the same properties as a baby pacifier. Safe play is guaranteed. Admirable and amusing at the same time, Sophie "laughs" (squeaks) when you squeeze her stomach.

Cleaning: Due to the natural components, please do not boil. The recommendation is: simply clean with a damp cloth and soapy water! The cuddle cloth 40 degrees wash.

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