PLAYON CRAYON - Pastel Colours

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Product details

The ultimate painting fun from down under:
Playon Crayon, the pointed crayon for children

Brilliant colors even for the little ones

Playon Crayon are particularly beautiful wax colors for your children. Even the little ones can have fun with it. The shape of the pens is perfectly adapted to children's hands. Grabbing and painting is child's play. There are 12 pens in the box, with brilliant colors. The pens can be stacked on top of each other and thus offer even more fun.

12 pastel colored wax crayons, stackable and also available in one bold color version.
- no staining on the hands
- Easy to hold for toddlers
- perfect for the first attempts at painting

Product information:

Content: 12 pens
Material: wax
Size: 3,3 x 5,5cm (pen), 10,5 x 5,5 x 8,5cm (box)
Safety: Certified NON TOXIC by the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI), USA
CE mark (EU safety standard)
Age recommendation: Suitable for children over 2 years old