LITTLE DUTCH - Pink Soft Doll 35 cm LD4521

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Little Dutch - Pink cuddly doll

Finally there are high-quality, inexpensive toys made of wood and fabric in wonderful pastel colors! Cute motifs, great shapes, cheerful yet delicate colors - the brand Little Dutch we have succeeded in creating an enchanting world of toys that our children love and play with extensively and at the same time looks absolutely decorative and elegant. A special plus point is that all parts of this brand are beautifully coordinated but by no means appear boring. So that even a cluttered children's room doesn't look too chaotic. This is what every parent has been waiting for.

  • Cute cuddly doll named Rosa
  • With colorful floral dress, pompoms and bow
  • Can sit upright and is still super soft
  • Perfect size for doll mums
  • Manufactured according to European guidelines, of course free of child labor and socially responsible
  • Washable at 30 grade
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Article number LD4521