Children's Pot Style, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern, rose

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Potty Style, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern, rose

Maja Princess von Hohenzollern presents her beautiful baby bath line, which takes your child into a real princess world.

The Rotho style potty makes cleaning easier. The ideal seat height and the ergonomic shape with a high back section offer a high level of seating comfort. The matt surface structure prevents the baby's bottom from sticking. So that nothing goes wrong, the potty has a double splash guard.

The potty is in two parts. The upper part can be removed for emptying and cleaning the roof.

Dimensions (L / W / H): approx. 34,3 x 33,5 x 23 cm
Opening dimension: 12 cm.

shatterproof polypropylene

This item is made in Switzerland.