Baghera - Slider Speedster Airplane silver

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Baghera Rider Speedster Plane

The children's car in the style of the 20s and 30s has the shape of an airplane. The plane is made of painted metal with only a few plastic parts. The steering wheel is chromed. The rider's propeller spins. The push car is painted gray and suitable for inside and outside. The material of the wheels is rubber, which makes the wheels quiet when driving.

The toy plane is made of high-quality metal and impresses with its robustness and stability, which helps your child to train their balance. The noble retro design, the elegant silver color and the numerous loving details make the push-on vehicle a real eye-catcher. This makes the airplane a great activity for your toddler, while it can become a stylish home accessory for you. The charming and high-quality toy not only fascinates its little pilots, but also guarantees their parents.


Item number: B878